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Zoom Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon - Dorasti Caviar
Zoom Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon - Dorasti Caviar
Zoom Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon - Dorasti Caviar
Zoom a mother of pearl spoon with blue wooden handle
Zoom Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon - Dorasti Caviar

Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon

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Not only do mother of pearl spoons add a touch of class and sophistication to your caviar presentation, they also enhance the overall caviar experience. Made from natural mother of pearl, these spoons will not alter the taste or texture of your caviar in any way. Unlike metal or plastic utensils, mother of pearl spoons do not react with the caviar, preserving the delicate flavors and aromas of the caviar. And, their gentle touch ensures the caviar eggs are not crushed or broken while being served.

But not just any mother of pearl spoon will do! It's crucial to invest in high-quality mother of pearl spoons to truly elevate your caviar experience. Our spoons have been rigurously tested for quality before production and are used by leading chefs in the industry! So, why settle for metal or plastic utensils when you can elevate your caviar experience with the highest quality of mother of pearl spoons? Impress your guests and elevate your caviar game today!

Please allow 3-5 days for delivery upon placing mother of pearl spoon(s) ONLY order (Ships Via USPS). If mother of pearl spoon(s) are purchased with any of our combination packages, your mother of pearl spoon(s) will be shipped with your scheduled delivery.

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Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon



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