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Chef Grade Caviar Trio

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    Since every palate desires a different taste, texture, and experience, we created this Chef Grade Caviar Trio so that you can genuinely decide what is best suited for your palate.

    Each of the different caviar types in this trio comes from various sturgeons species, giving one the ultimate opportunity to experience the difference in size, color, texture, and taste. The careful selection of sturgeon roes in this trio package is not only a perfect selection for any caviar lover; it is also an excellent opportunity to get introduced to the finest selection of premium grade imported caviar found anywhere from around the world. It is a perfect choice for any special occasion, to give as a gift, or just celebrating life.

    Caviar Selections in this Trio Sampler

    • Chef's Choice Hybrid Kaluga. is commonly used in fine-dining establishments and recipes by chef's and restaurants. Smooth and buttery with a tad of the taste and aromas of the seas. It is truly the most excellent value one can get for the quality of imported sturgeon caviar in the continental United States.
    • Royal Osetra.  Royal Osetra Caviar is smooth, buttery, with a fantastic pop, and guaranteed to heighten all of one's senses. Dorasti Royal Osetra caviar is the to-go caviar for the most decorated fine-dining establishments that want to meet or exceed their hard to please patrons' expectations. Enjoy one of the world's most classic and delicious delicacy found anywhere within the continental United States.
    • Royal Siberian.  Royal Siberian sturgeon caviar grains are small in size and range from light to dark smoky grey in color. Since it is naturally pleasing to the palate bringing a mix of earthy and oceanic flavors, this caviar is ideal for beginners or casual caviar consumers who want to indulge in the unique and luxurious experience of the authentic flavor of caviar.



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  • Care and Packaging

    Shelf Life & Care Dorasti Caviar can stay fresh for up to 30 days. Once open, consume the entire amount at once. In a very rare scenario where you may have some delicious leftover caviar, place the tin in the coldest part of the fridge, and consume within 24 hours. Never freeze the caviar.