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Fresh Saltwater Uni (Premium Santa Barbara Sea Urchin Roe)

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    Imagine you're in Santa Barbara, California, where some of the best and freshest Sea Urchin Uni from the world is in habitat. You visit the local fish market, and you see a live urchin for sale. You'd love to try it, but don't have the tools, patience, or the stomach to witness the cracking and processing of the Urchin. 

    Instead, we take care of all of that process for you. The Uni is cracked open and cleaned; it goes into a saltwater (Ensui) concoction that replicates seawater. This method retains the Uni's most natural taste and texture without any preservatives or chemicals and is purely natural. It is the closest one can experience eating a freshly cracked uni straight out of the water. We ship this item in temperature-controlled packaging to your door! Once arrived, all you have to do is follow the easy to follow instructions to enjoy this umami! Pair this Fresh Salt Water Santa Barbara Sea Urchin Uni with some Caviar and Otoro (Tuna) for the best complementary taste and experience!


    Please click HERE to view the instructions on how to care for this product when arrived. 

    Specie Name & Grade: From the coast of California, this type of Sea Urchin (Uni in Japanese) is commonly referred to as the Red Sea Urchin (scientific name: Mesocentrotus franciscanus). Sea urchins are from the echinoderms family of marine animals. There are currently about 18 different types of edible Sea Urchins throughout the world. The Red Sea Urchin from the coast of southern California is widely known for its "sweet" after taste due to the kelp (large brown algae seaweeds) it consumes for its nutrition. 


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  • Shipping Details

    Availability, Shipping, and Delivery Instructions: Sea Urchins are caught fresh daily by divers, and that is the best way to enjoy this delicious delicacy. Due to the unpredictability of weather conditions, Sea Urchin supplies vary from week to week. Once we receive your order, we will ship out immediately for next day delivery. However, in an event, quantities are limited or non-existent. If we are unable to fulfill your order within five business days, we will notify you of a refund and order cancelationEnjoy Free Express Shipping on this item between Monday-Thursday. Orders received between Friday-Sunday, or during national holidays will be shipped the following business day. If you need your shipment for delivery on a specific day, please indicate at the note section of the checkout, and we will ship your product accordingly. You may also email us with your order number, and we will make noted your account! 

  • Care and Packaging

    Shelf Life & Care: Sea Urchins (Unis) shipped to our clients are as fresh as possible. Therefore upon receiving your sea urchin, it is highly recommended to enjoy the Uni the same day but no more than three days upon shipment delivery date. It is essential to store the Urchin in the coldest part of the fridge, unopened in its container and away from dairy products.  

    Packaging: As seen in photos, the Uni roe's are inside a clear and sea through plastic containers filled with Salt Water. The container accompanies a built-in drainer for easy drainage of saltwater to avoid damaging the Urchin roes. 

    Please click HERE to view the instructions on how to care for this product when arrived.