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    We’ve got all the goods gathered in one place for a meal that is bound to amaze, from our in-house proprietary methods of processing caviar to premium grade Santa Barbara Uni and Otoro that is second to none. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Dorasti Omakase Premium 
      • 1 tray of Santa Barbara Uni (100grams), 
      • 1lb of Otoro
      • 3.5 oz of Chef's Choice Kaluga Hybrid
      • Temaki seaweed sheets
    • Dorasti Omakase Luxe 
      • 2 Trays of Santa Barbara Uni (200 grams) 
      • 2 lbs. of Otoro
      • 2 x 3.5 oz chef's choice kaluga Hybrid
      • Temaki seaweed sheets


    Santa Barbara Sea Urchin (Uni)  Our Dorasti Premium Grade Sea Urchin is caught fresh daily from the coast of Santa Barbara, large in size and sweeter in taste, thereby giving your palate an exceptional taste in flavor and experience! We encourage our uni lovers to add some of our caviar on top, for a fantastic duo combination or simply try our gourmet caviar, uni, pasta recipe. Don't be surprised if the taste of this uni is similar to that amazing experience you once had at a Michelin Star restaurant! 


    Caviar Selection:  Chef's Choice Kaluga Hybrid

    Our Chef's Choice Kaluga Hybrid is commonly used in fine-dining establishments and recipes by chef's and restaurants. Smooth and buttery with a tad of the taste and aromas of the seas. It is truly the most excellent value one can get for the quality of imported sturgeon caviar in the continental United States.

    Otoro : The Dorasti Otoro is amongst the highest regarded seafoods throughout the world. Limited in small quantities, the Otoro (the belly) portion of the bluefin is highly sought after for its delicate texture and superb marbling, giving one's taste buds a memorable experience.  It is no wonder why it is considered the creme de la crepe or the best part of the Maguro (Bluefin Tuna in Japanese). In Omakase style Sushi restaurants, sushi masters know not to let their patrons on their way without having them try one version of their Otoro! Enjoyed in a sashimi or sushi style format, this delicacy is to be enjoyed as-is and does not require cooking or special preparation. 

    Quality & Grade:  Our Dorasti Otoro is imported and processed by Japanese Maguro masters, but its origin is the Mediterranean Sea. It is of the highest quality of Otoro bluefin tuna found anywhere in the United States.


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  • Care and Packaging

    All items are delivered together in a temperature controlled box with overnight shipping. For the best experience and quality, it is extremely important to refrigerate all items as soon as they are arrived. Please refer to this section on how to best care for your shipment: 


    Packaging, Shelf Life, and Care:  This product is cut in 8 oz. portion blocks. To preserve the quality and freshness of the product, this Otoro is delivered frozen. Upon arrival place items in the freezer immediately. Once you receive this item you should consume this product immediately by following the defrosting instructions.  When ready to indulge, just follow the easy to follow defrosting instructions in the video on this page and enjoy some of the most delicious bluefin tuna from the comfort of your home! If you want to elevate your experience, we highly recommend adding some caviar on top of the Otoro for some added umami! 


    Shelf Life & Care: Sea Urchins (Unis) shipped to our clients are as fresh as possible. Therefore upon receiving your sea urchin, it is highly recommended to enjoy the Uni the same day but no more than three days upon shipment delivery date. It is essential to store the Urchin in the coldest part of the fridge, unopened in its container and away from dairy products.  Recommended temperature to preserve the quality of the urchin is between 33F-35F. 

    Shelf Life & Care Dorasti Caviar can stay fresh for up to 30 days. Once open, consume the entire amount at once. In a very rare scenario where you may have some delicious leftover caviar, place the tin in the coldest part of the fridge, and consume within 24 hours. Never freeze the caviar.