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Zoom Premium Uni & Caviar Combo
Zoom Premium Uni & Caviar Combo
Zoom Premium Uni & Caviar Combo
Zoom Premium Uni & Caviar Combo

Premium Uni & Caviar Combo

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Caviar & Uni Servings
Caviar Selection

What Comes in the Box: 


Santa Barbara Sea Urchin (Uni) 

This world-renowned Sea Urchin (Uni) is caught fresh daily from the coast of Santa Barbara, large in size and sweeter in taste, thereby giving your palate an exceptional taste in flavor and experience. (Mother-of-Pearl Spoon is not included)

Caviar Selection

Around the world, Chef's Choice Kaluga Hybrid is commonly used in fine-dining establishments and recipes by chefs and restaurants. Smooth and buttery with a hint of taste and aromas of the seas. 

Caviar aficionados know Royal Osetra Caviar is smooth, buttery, with a fantastic pop, and guaranteed to heighten all of one's senses. Dorasti Royal Osetra caviar is the to-go caviar for the most decorated fine-dining establishments that want to meet or exceed their hard to please patrons' expectations and the connoisseurs' choice of caviar! 

Both of these caviar selections are excellent value and representation for the quality of imported premium caviar in the continental United States. Exclusively from Dorasti. 

To purchase this combo, decide on either Chef's Choice Kaluga Hybrid or Royal Osetra Caviar and subsequently choose your Caviar & Uni Serving Options! 

Caviar Product Details

Chef's Choice Hybrid Kaluga - Acipenser Schrencki and Huso Dauricus. Commonly as River Beluga. Kaluga is also considered as the second largest sturgeon after the Beluga, highest graded Hybrid Kaluga within its peers. Premium Grade Caviar. 

Royal Osetra CaviarAcipenser Gueldenstaedtii. Commonly spelled "Osetra, Ossetra, or Asetra". Native to the Caspian Sea, just like the Beluga Caviar, the Osetra is the Queen of all caviars and well known amongst connoisseurs and caviar lovers around the world. Premium Grade Caviar. 


Sea Urchin (Uni) Product Details 

Type & Grade: From the coast of California, this type of Premium Grade Sea Urchin (Uni in Japanese) is commonly referred to as the Red Sea Urchin (scientific name: Mesocentrotus franciscanus). Sea urchins are from the echinoderms family of marine animals. There are currently about 18 different types of edible Sea Urchins throughout the world. The Red Sea Urchin from the coast of southern California is widely known for its "sweet" after taste. 


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Premium Uni & Caviar Combo



Our sturgeons are all bred sustainability in the most humane conditions and water quality.


Our founder and father was one of the pioneers and visionaries of his time who advocated for sustainability


We hand-select the best of breed sturgeons sourced from the the cleanest waters and fed with the highest quality feed.

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