Zoom beautiful arranged traditional caviar and blini board. This photo shows the assortments that goes with the caviar. Creme Fraiche, Chives, Egg yoks, egg white, and the dorasti caviar on top of an ice.
Zoom Dorasti Caviar and Blini box. Photo shows the mother-of-pearl spoon dipped inside of the dorasti caviar. Surrounded by fresh french blinis.
Zoom Premium Reserve Kaluga Hybrid Caviar for Dorasti Caviar and Blini box. This photo shows the color and the sizes of the pearl inside of a tin surrounded by white color background.
Zoom Premium Reserve Ossetra Caviar by Dorasti. This photo displays the perfectly separeted caviar pearls inside of a dorasti caviar tin surrounded by white background.
Zoom Caviar & Blini Box (Traditional Style)

Caviar & Blini Box (Traditional Style)

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Caviar can be served in many different ways. But nothing is as traditional as serving it on Fresh-Made Dorasti Blinis! Heat the blinis in a hot pan for a minute, then just add a little bit of Creme Fraiche, or butter on top of the blini, and finally use a mother-of-pearl spoon to serve this delicious premium caviar on top! 


1) Choose the desired type of caviar (need help on choosing the appropriate type? Read More

2. Choose your Desired Caviar & Blini Servings 


Here’s what comes in the box

  • Your Selected Caviar
  • Your Servings of Blinis

Additional Information

Dorasti French style baked blinis are savory pancakes commonly used to enjoy caviar in its most traditional way. Ingredients: wheat flour, milk, eggs, vegetable oils,  salt, and baking powder. If kept in the fridge, blinis can stay fresh for up to 5-7 days.


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Caviar & Blini Box (Traditional Style)



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Our founder and father was one of the pioneers and visionaries of his time who advocated for sustainability


We hand-select the best of breed sturgeons sourced from the the cleanest waters and fed with the highest quality feed.

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