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Caviar & Blini Box (Traditional Style)

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    Caviar can be served in many different ways. But nothing is as traditional as serving it on Fresh-Made Dorasti Blinis! Heat the blinis in a hot pan for a minute, then just add a little bit of Creme Fraiche, or butter on top of the blini, and finally use a mother-of-pearl spoon to serve this delicious premium caviar on top! 


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    Additional Information

    Dorasti French style baked blinis are savory pancakes commonly used to enjoy caviar in its most traditional way. Ingredients: wheat flour, milk, eggs, vegetable oils,  salt, and baking powder. If kept in the fridge, blinis can stay fresh for up to 5-7 days.


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    Caviar Shelf Life & Care

    Our Dorasti Caviar's shelf life is good for four weeks if stored correctly. For the best experience, caviar should be consumed within 7-10 days of its shipping date. Caviar should be stored in the coldest part of the fridge and away from other foods that can change its taste, such as cheese or dairy products. It's best to place the caviar in a ziplock bag with some icepacks to keep the caviar as chilled as possible. The recommended storage temperature is between 37-42 degrees Fahrenheit. Caviar should never be frozen. Once the caviar tin is opened, it is recommended for the entire tin to be consumed in one sitting. Although we never recommend having leftover caviar in the fridge, any leftover should be refrigerated immediately and consumed within 24 hours. Otherwise, the caviar is compromised in quality, taste, and must be disposed of immediately. Please bear in mind that refrigerated caviar rarely gives the same experience as a freshly opened tin. 

Watch This Video on How To Prepare a Traditional Caviar & Blini Box