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Zoom Dorasti Premium Reserve Osetra Caviar inside of a tin. Light in color and very easy on the palate. One of the most exclusive caviars in the united states.
Zoom dorasti osetra caviar is being held by a beautiful woman's hand. The caviar pearls are light in color and are inside of a blini with creme fraiche.
Zoom dorasti osterà caviar and dorasti logo with gold color. Dorasti Premium Reserve ossetra caviar also spelled oscietra or asetra is very delicious. Lighter in color and very easy on the taste palate.

Premium Reserve Osetra Caviar Grade AA

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Direct from Farm-to-Table, Dorasti Premium Reserve Osetra Caviar is unique in quality and taste due to its high-quality grade. This incredible caviar selection is adequately salted and matured by our in-house caviar experts using our proprietary process that dates back to more than 40 years. With its naturally enticing aroma, Dorasti Russian Ossetra has medium-sized grains with thin shells that range from shades of dark to light golden brown, often with a tinge of green. Considered as one of the most flavorful types of caviar by critics and connoisseurs, it brings delicious buttery and nutty flavors to the palate. This highly graded imported Premium Reserve Dorasti Russian Osetra is sure to be a delight to anyone who enjoys the finest caviar there is anywhere in the continental United States.

Quick Facts:

Specie Name: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii. Commonly spelled "Osetra, Ossetra, or Asetra". 


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Premium Reserve Osetra Caviar Grade AA



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