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About us

Dorasti's principles date back to the 1980s when our father, a distinguished executive from Iran's largest seafood trading company, advocated for sustainable and traceable sturgeon aqua farming, helping establish today's sturgeon breeding. His dedication and commitment to quality sustainable caviar*, precision, and exceptional service have been passed down to his children today, creating Dorasti's core-values.

The Dorasti family continues to put excellence at the forefront of every decision. Through our philosophy and dedication to quality, our products, and services, Dorasti has expanded its product line up, not only to premium caviar, but to fine-indulgences like premium truffles, Japanese Wagyu, saffron, and deluxe gourmet boxes. Bringing our clients products they trust and enjoy. 

What started as a more sustainable method of sturgeon farming has become, Dorasti and Dorasti Stories & Kitchen, a trend-setter in gastronomy, exquisite indulgences, and premier gifting. Built on integrity, quality, and reputation, so whether our clients are caviar curious, caviar connoisseurs, indulgent seekers, or restaurateurs, we have the perfect recipe of trust, service, and pairings of products to deliver an exceptional experience.

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From our family to yours.

- The Dorasti Family

*Our Caviar follows the rules and international states of the CITES organization and the laws of the United States.