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Dorasti Caviar's Story

Dorasti Caviar Mission

Dorasti Caviar Story


At Dorasti we believe tasting caviar should be an exceptional experience. We devote our time to searching the globe for the highest quality of aqua cultured sturgeon caviar and creating a noteworthy tasting experience for the enthusiast and connoisseur alike. Our mission is simple: to discover, introduce, and share with our patrons the finest hand-selected caviar that meets our rigorous standard of quality, the expectations for our clients, and is worthy of any occasion and budget.


Dorasti Caviar History

Dorasti Caviar Profile


Although Dorasti Caviar was established in the United States in 2016, our history dates back to the 1980’s when the three of us brothers used to help our father in his family owned business. Our father, a well-known, retired executive of Iran’s largest seafood import & export company, exposed us to his lifelong passion, bestowing us with the knowledge and commitment necessary to harvest quality caviar. He also understood the necessity of providing excellent customer service, which we continue to bring to our caviar enthusiast and connoisseurs to this day. With the retirement of our father, our philosophy has not changed. Our family continues to provide the finest caviar by keeping strong ties and partnerships with dedicated aqua farmers from around the world.




Dorasti Caviar Sustainable Production


Dorasti partners with a select number of elite aqua farmers from around the world who share our philosophy and passion for providing high quality caviar. We are able to ensure environmentally safe operations and conditions, correct biological farming, and focus on the sustainability of the sturgeon species by adhering to strict international standards, the rules of the CITES Organization, and the United States laws. This control provides us with the ability to hand select the finest quality and grade of caviars throughout each season from our partners. After selection, our renowned master salters use a variety of methods to emphasize the subtle flavors of the caviar to complete the production process.





Dorasti Caviar Shipping


For our individual clients we offer Dorasti Direct. Aside from that, we are able to extend the Dorasti standard of quality caviar to partnering hotels, restaurants, select gourmet stores, and wholesaling partners. Additionally, we assist our partners by providing tastings and recipe ideas to help expand their menus and the selection available to their clients. For our customers and partners who love the Dorasti Standard, we can assemble high quality gift baskets that we will gladly deliver directly to the happy recipients. Currently Dorasti Caviar offers same day delivery service within Los Angeles and Orange County. We can also deliver Fresh Caviar anywhere within the 48 continental United States with next day express mail delivery using FreshPacks (certain restrictions may apply).