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Chef's Choice Hybrid Kaluga - Monthly Subscription

Dorasti Kilo Club is an exclusive and unique membership for only a select number of prospective clients who are looking for caviar abundance at great values. Dorasti Kilo Club members can finally get their caviar wishes and fix fulfilled and enjoy wholesale pricing and cost control on the most exclusive and highest in quality selection and award-winning caviars from around the world.

Dorasti Kilo membership is most appropriate for Chefs, Restaurateurs, Corporate & holidays gifting, caviar parties, catering companies, weddings, and most notably fulfilling the Caviar lover's dream who are used to consuming caviar by the spoon.

As a Dorasti Kilo Club member your membership consists of the following additional benefits:

  • Club members will have the opportunity to have their caviar shipped in different increments to them at different scheduled times. This allows the Dorasti Kilo  members to always receive the freshest caviar at the time of their choosing. (shipping fees, restrictions may apply see details below).
  • Enjoy exclusive priority on all-new exclusive arrivals (includes non-caviar items such as Sea Urchin (Uni), Wagyu and premium meat selection, and Truffles).  
  • Access to our Dorasti concierge team that can help you with your order, the shipping destinations, and caviar ideas and recipes.




    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you become a member?

    - When you make your first purchase of any of the available selections you will receive a follow-up email from one of our team members who will walk you through each step and help arrange your shipment and answer all of your questions.

    - Is there a minimum? 

    Dorasti Kilo Club membership is set annually. For 2020, there is a Kilogram minium purchase per membership year.

    How many shipments can I divide up my orders into?

    - Clients may divide up their orders of each Kilogram of caviar for up to two separate shipments at no additional cost. Any additional shipments will incur shipping costs that will charge the client's account.


    Can I tell you in advance when I want my caviar shipped?

    -Absolutely. Clients can email our team and let us know the date(s) they would like their caviar shipments. Another reason why we designate a dedicated concierge team to our DKC members.


    Can you do customized orders?

    -We try our best to accommodate our clients. For any special requests or customized orders please email us.


    How long can the Kilo of caviar stay fresh?

    - Clients who receive their Kilogram of caviar all at once in a 1 Kg. tin can store the caviar in the fridge for up to 45 days when unopened or follow the expiration tag on the bottom of the the tin. Once the tin is opened the caviar should be consumed no more than three days.

    Where do you ship to? Any restrictions?

    -We ship orders via next-day express in stayfresh and curated boxes anywhere within the continental United States. For shipments to Alaska or Hawaii please email us in advanced as we may have to discuss shipping arrangements.