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About us

Dorasti's principles date back to the 1980's when our father, a distinguished executive from Iran's largest seafood trading company, advocated for sustainable and traceable sturgeon aqua farming, helping establish today's sturgeon breeding. His dedication and commitment to quality sustainable caviar, precision, and exceptional service have been passed down to his children today, creating Dorasti's core-values.


The Dorasti family continues to put excellence at the forefront of every decision. Through our philosophy and dedication to quality, our products, and services, Dorasti has expanded its product line up, not only to premium caviar, but to fine-indulgences like premium truffles, saffron, and deluxe gourmet boxes. Bringing our clients products they trust and enjoy. 

What started as a more sustainable method of sturgeon farming has become, Dorasti and Dorasti Stories & Kitchen, a trend-setter in gastronomy, exquisite indulgences, and premier gifting. Built on integrity, quality, and reputation, so whether our clients are caviar curious, caviar connoisseurs, indulgent seekers, or restaurateurs, we have the perfect recipe of trust, service, and pairings of products to deliver an exceptional experience.

Our Differentiators

Firstly, we are farm-to-table. Our sturgeons are all bred sustainability in the most humane conditions and water quality. The sturgeon specie is one of the oldest species dating back thousands of years. There is even evidence that the sturgeon is one of the only species that dates back to millions of years and is considered a fossil specie. Therefore, it is paramount to do everything we can to do our part by practicing sustainable methods and to preserve the sturgeons in the wild. In fact, our founder and father was one of the pioneers and visionaries of his time who advocated for sustainability and helped start the first sturgeon farm in the 1980's, which at the time was deemed as ridiculous by the pundits. 

Secondly, at our company, we have a famous saying; "Not all sturgeon roe is created equally." This could not be more true. Just as any specie come in all different DNA, body types, forms, and genetics, the sturgeon is no different.

Furthermore, genetics is just one of the many elements that determine the quality of excellent caviar; the environment and nutrition make up another big part of this selection. At Dorasti, we take pride in hand-selecting the best of breed sturgeons sourced from the the cleanest waters and fed with the highest quality feed. We refuse to take shortcuts in the name of cost-savings for a lower quality and graded caviar and product. We use this same philosophy with all of our selections of products and we will not compromise on this principle. Learn more about us by subscribing to our mailing list and check out our Stories tab. 


Who Does Dorasti Serve?

Dorasti is a distributor of the finest caviar, gourmet products, and luxury food items and boxes serving a variety of market segments such as wholesale & direct-to-consumer. 


Caviar & Gourmet Foods Enthusiasts

Even though we are predominantly a caviar distribution company, over the years, we have learned what it is to share the best quality of other indulgences that are great compliments to caviar. After all, we believe sharing the best secrets of food and experiences is just the right thing to do! That's why we have created our Stories and Additional Goodies section to our website. Stories are where our subscribers can learn more about the history of caviar, the best way to experience caviar, and the best recipes for caviar. As we come across some of the best and highest in quality indulgences as a result of our exposure to fine-dining and gastronomy, we directly source and share those items with our clients and subscribers.  


Online Shop

Dorasti serves its retail clients directly through its online shop where individuals can purchase some of the highest in quality caviar, gourmet boxes, and Additional Goodies used in some of the finest dining establishments and used by distinguished and Michelin Star rated chefs across the globe without going through different outlets or agencies. This method ensures we can bring the highest quality for the best value to our clients. 


Chefs de Cuisine & Restaurants 

We distribute our caviar and products to a select number of restaurants and Chef de Cuisine across the globe. We believe in doing business with integrity and respect and view chefs and restaurants as our partners. We strive to do what is in the best interest of our chefs' and restaurants' customers and business model. 


Weddings & Special Events

For centuries caviar is one of the finest and classic delicacies enjoyed for special occasions. That's why we genuinely enjoy supplying our clients with their favorite caviar for the most memorable day of their life. 


Kilo Club

Dorasti Kilo Club is the most effective way to enjoy the highest grade and hand-selected caviar by our experts at large quantities at excellent appraisal. Kilo members are comprised of individuals who are regular caviar consumers and use for dietary purposes. Corporate & Holiday Giftings are also great reasons to be part of the Dorasti Kilo Club. To find out more about the Dorasti Kilo Club: Read More.




We look forward to serving your needs

From our family to yours.

- The Dorasti Family

*Our Caviar follows the rules and international states of the CITES organization and the laws of the United States.


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