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Four Reasons Why Caviar is the Perfect Gift!

Caviar is one of the most unique and amazing gifts to give and receive.  

A great gift is picked to fit the occasion, sends a meaningful message, and should undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. We believe caviar as a gift checks off all of these elements. Recipients of fresh and quality caviar, are in the ultimate umami luck, especially if they have never tried it! 
One question we love to ask our clients is, "when and where was the first time you tried caviar?" We love this question because of the different responses and reactions we receive! From our experiences of hosting hundreds of caviar tasting events in various social settings, eight out of ten adults who taste sturgeon caviar for the first time end up loving it! This may be contrary to one's preconceived notions. 
We hear a lot of our first-time customers say they have tried caviar at a buffet somewhere, but chances are they are referring to Salmon or Trout roe, which is not the type of caviar we are describing here. For it to be considered genuine caviar, it has to derive from the Sturgeon sustainably. Contrastingly, Salmon or Trout roe, which is more commercial, and red to orange in color and are also "fish eggs," or simply "roe," but are not considered genuine caviar. That's because Sturgeon roe (caviar), which is darker in color,  gets the ultimate crown of all roe! Even within the entire seafood category, Sturgeon roe is considered a heavyweight contender (If you see caviar on a menu, be sure to ask your server which type it is!)


Now, let's look at four underlying reasons why caviar makes a great gift!

Caviar is a very delicious delicacy!

Caviar is most often served with a mother-of-pearl spoon on a fresh blini or a piece of toast with some crème Fraiche. For frequent caviar consumers, sometimes just by itself. In our opinion, the more traditional and straightforward, the better! That's because one truly allows the palate to enjoy the taste texture and aroma in their purest way. However, nowadays, caviar is used in many fine-dining dishes to help trigger the taste buds by adding salted and creaminess flavors of the best the sea has to offer, plus its use of colors helps enhance the visuals in fine-dining dishes. This is one of the many reasons why many established, and Michelin star chefs have decided to incorporate caviar in more of their recipes.


Curious how caviar beautifies your favorite dishes? There are many caviar hashtags on social media. One, in particular, is "#caviardreams," where the community of caviar lovers and culinary chefs post and rave about one of their delicious and joyous moments with caviar on their social media accounts.


Follow our page @dorasticaviar on Instagram to see some examples of these dishes and visit our story on "choose the right caviar for you" to find out more about different types of caviar that best fit your criteria!

dorasti kaluga hybrid caviar with mother-of-pearl spoon

Caviar leaves a lasting impression!

One quality that surprises and simultaneously excites people most about giving or receiving caviar as a gift is due to its exclusivity and uniqueness. Most caviar enthusiast and regulars can remember their first time eating caviar. That's because caviar has a significant "surprise element." It is unique, luxurious, and comparing to many other luxury gourmet foods, it is rarely gifted. Caviar, especially when shared with others, is one that leaves a remarkable impression because it helps create many conversations and memories around the table! Be sure to add a glass of champagne or sparkling wine to the mix!

Caviar is a luxury & a great impromptu gift!

When caviar is gifted, and depending on the impression one wants to leave for the gift beneficiary, it is best to present it in a luxury caviar gift box. Caviar gift boxes never fail to deliver their intent of showing gratitude, appreciation, and show of luxury! It's a great way to differentiate oneself from the crowd. That's why many professionals and corporations choose caviar as a holiday gift for their VIPs. 
Caviar Gift Boxes Luxury Gourmet Boxes
The fast delivery feature makes the caviar gift box a perfect last-minute luxury gourmet gift item for the sender! Caviar is shipped via next-day delivery in curated cooled packaging and If stored properly in the fridge un-opened caviar tins can stay fresh for 30-40 days. 

It's important to keep in mind, If you're going to invest in this gift and experience for your VIPs you'd want to ascertain the caviar is fresh and highest in quality. We recommend our clients and online caviar shoppers to ensure that their vendor is a trusted source, focuses on quality, and practices sustainability.



Russian Ossetra Caviar with beautiful grains in held in a hand.

Caviar is sure to surprise and amaze!

Lastly, and most importantly, caviar makes a great gift because of its surprise element! It's rare, luxurious, unique, delicious, and sexy. Someone that frequents and appreciates caviar and its luxurious delicacy knows that those who haven't tried it will be swept off their feet by this delicious delicacy like no other. We've always found great joy in introducing caviar to others, and we see our fellow caviar lovers doing the same. The greatest gift is to share our amazing experiences with others and caviar is a sure way to do that! 
Clients that place an order and share with us their caviar story will receive a surprise gift with their order! 
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