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Zoom Royal Osetra Caviar - Dorasti Caviar
Zoom Royal Osetra Caviar - Dorasti Caviar
Zoom Royal Osetra Caviar - Dorasti Caviar

Royal Osetra Caviar

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Key Features:

  • Country of Origin: Poland
  • Roe Texture, Size, and Color: Medium-sized grains (2.7mm-2.9mm) in a color that ranges from dark brown to olive green, with a delicately soft texture.
  • Taste Specs: Clean, buttery flavor with a creamy aftertaste. Highly sought after.
  • Connoisseur Score: 9.0 out of 10

Embrace the Opulence of Royal Ossetra Caviar

Harvested from sturgeon nurtured in the pristine waters of Polish aquaculture, Royal Ossetra Caviar is a testament to meticulous care and generations of caviar expertise. Each tin boasts a bounty of glistening dark to olive green pearls, their medium size belying the explosion of flavor that awaits. As these delicate spheres caress your tongue, a wave of clean, buttery notes washes over your palate, culminating in a luxuriously creamy aftertaste that lingers enticingly. 

Experience Unmatched Quality

Royal Ossetra Caviar is the result of dedication to responsible fish farming and a legacy of caviar mastery. Our sturgeon flourish in pristine environments, ensuring the health and well-being that translates into superior caviar. The roe is meticulously extracted by hand using time-honored techniques to preserve its delicate texture and freshness.

Royal Ossetra Caviar: A Luxurious Treat for Discerning Palates

From the moment the first pearl touches your tongue to the lingering aftertaste, Royal Ossetra Caviar is a captivating culinary journey. This exceptional caviar is a perfect addition to any celebration, a way to impress discerning guests, or a luxurious indulgence to savor for yourself.

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Royal Osetra Caviar



Our sturgeons are all bred sustainability in the most humane conditions and water quality.


Our founder and father was one of the pioneers and visionaries of his time who advocated for sustainability


We hand-select the best of breed sturgeons sourced from the the cleanest waters and fed with the highest quality feed.

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