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Why Dorasti’s Santa Barbara Premium Uni is The Best In The World.

Dorasti’s Santa Barbara Premium Uni is The Best In The World. 

Being the original Purveyors for the best indulgences the world can offer,  

Dorasti strives to bring to you gourmet ingredients with the highest degree of craftsmanship. To deliver an experience only we can provide.

Our exclusive relationships with farmers and select chefs have allowed us to capture a high degree of quality retention in our products. From Farm to Table is our daily mantra. Our mission is to bring awareness for conservation efforts for all of our products. To sustain the ocean and species and give future generations the chance to become amazing chefs and artists.
To indulge in their culinary creations. That’s the passion of Dorasti.

Dorasti carries a unique item not available to many regions around the USA or the world, the famous Santa Barbara Premium Uni. Due to our geographical advantage and our home base being Sunny Los Angeles California, we get first pick to this high demand delicacy. Being close to many logistic fulfillment centers, our Santa Barbara Premium Uni can arrive at your doorstep, fresh and delicious, with Complimentary Priority Next Day Shipping within the USA. 

Luxurious indulgent activities to some, but mysterious to so many. 
Top chefs prize this aquatic species, yet the average foodie doesn’t even know this option to exist. What is Uni and where does it originate from? Why is Dorasti’s Santa Barbara Premium Uni the best? Let’s explore the depths of this ancient creature and Dorasti’s source for the best Uni in the world.


What is Uni? 

Uni or "Sea Urchin" is an ancient aquatic species that live on the ocean floor. Usually residing near coral, the sea urchin resembles a rock with spikes sticking out of it. Their shells serve as protection for their soft inner body parts. They tend to stay close to warm shores throughout all various locations in the world. The term “HedgeHog of the Sea'' fits very well with these mysterious creatures. Sea urchins can be many colors, including black, brown, green, sand colored and many more varieties. 

A sea urchin does not have a brain. They have a water-vascular system that acts as their circulatory system by running water through their body. Their diet mainly consists of algae, seaweed, and plankton from nearby underwater rocks and corals. Their common predators are those that can claw through a sea urchin’s protective shells, such as sea otters, wolf eels, sea birds, lobsters, sunflower stars, and of course, humans.

What is it that humans eat from Sea Urchin?

Inside the Sea Urchin, there are 5 "tongues" that humans can consume. These tongues are called "Uni." Uni ranges from different colors but mainly in the Orange to yellow spectrum, but sometimes darker in color. The “tongues”(Uni) serve as the reproductive system for sea Urchin. It isn't easy to distinguish between a male or female from the outside. The only way to tell the difference is to split one open and analyze their "tongues"(Uni). Males have white residue above the tongues while the females have red residue above the tongues. 


Why is Dorasti’s Santa Barbara Uni the best?

Our Sea Urchin is called the Red Sea Urchin of California. There are currently about 18 different types of edible Sea Urchins throughout the world. The Red Sea Urchin from the coast of southern California is widely known for its "sweet" after taste due to the kelp (large brown algae seaweeds) it consumes for its nutrition. The climate advantage in which the California coast provides is a natural haven of a breeding ground for the Red Sea Urchin. Dorasti’s Elite Divers get the chance year round to cultivate and replenish this Premium species.  The fact that it grows in a perfect environment gives it the Best Uni in the world Title. No other Uni compares to our Premium Uni. 

Our Michelin Partnered Chefs have no hesitation adding this item into their Menus. Since the 1980’s, Santa Barbara California has become the hub for this prized delicacy around the world. Fun Fact: Over 80% of the world's Uni is consumed by Japan! 


How does Uni Taste? I'm Curious!

The taste of Uni is unique. I can almost describe it as a butter of the sea, a certain tang of oceany mist in your mouth at first bite. Chefs love to mix it in with Pasta base recipes due to the semi-neutral sweetness it brings into the mix. Our Clients demanded it and we answered with the Dorasti Uni and Pasta Kit! The kit includes our AA Reserved Osetra Caviar, to add even more savory goodness to the total package.



Uni can also be devoured straight from the shell! But the fun part about eating Uni is to create simple and practical recipes and enjoy them with friends and family.  We recently launched an  Omakase Box that features our Premium Santa Barbara Uni. The Kit includes Premium Sashimi Grade Otoro (Bluefin Tuna), Our Chef Choice Kaluga Caviar and Premium Seaweed Sheets. No need to go all around town trying to gather all the ingredients for an Omakase night! We'll do that for you with Complimentary Next Day Shipping.

 With every superhero comes a side kick. And of course it turns out Uni is the sidekick to all of our “Super Hero” Dorasti Premium Caviars. Uni and Caviar are much alike. Sturgeon Roe is "Caviar" and Sea Urchin Roe is "Uni", and both belong to each species' reproductive systems.  And of course, just like its partner in crime, Mother of Pearl Spoons provide accurate retention for taste. Never use any ordinary spoon, capture the whole essence with our new line of   Dorasti Mother of Pearl Spoons!


I want to try! What are the health benefits to Uni?

Uni is High in Protein. An excellent source of fiber. It is low in fat and carbohydrates, a beneficial snack for those who are watching their weight. 
An abundant source for Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calcium, and Iodine. It also helps the Blood’s circulatory system. Sea urchins also
contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can help lower blood pressure and reduce  the risk of an abnormal heartbeat. This little mysterious delicacy provides a lot of benefits!

We strive to provide products that have substance and history behind them.
Our Santa Barbara Premium Uni is one of the many products we are proud to carry.
At Dorasti, YOUR Experience is always close to our hearts.
Let us help create meaningful moments and memories with your friends and family.
Let us be your spark that inspires you to become an amazing chef. 
It always begins somewhere. Let us be the starting point.

That’s the passion of Dorasti.

Thanks for reading! As a Token take $20 off your purchase from any Uni Combo in our shop! Use code DorastiUni20 at check out. 

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