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All Caviar Comes From Farmed Sturgeon.

Wild Vs. Farmed

If you buy Salmon from the store, you might notice the option of wild vs. farmed. The concept of being "Wild" makes the impression that the Salmon is richer in minerals and from pure origins making it more expensive. Expensive in the fact that it took a unique approach to obtain this wild-caught Salmon. The "Farmed" Salmon, although with the same genetics but with different living conditions, can be viewed as a "cheaper option" and carries the stigma of dirty fisheries and overpopulated tanks. This concept is not the case for Sturgeon farming. Sturgeon are a delicate species that requires a no-stress, clean environment. The living conditions must be 100% dialed in for Caviar farms to produce an acceptable yield of Caviar. Replicated to be ideal and the best fit for Sturgeon, farming processes came about at just the right time for sustainability. The recent history of Caviar shows why a drastic change was needed.

Caviar History

From the early 1900s to the 1950s, all Caviar came from wild Sturgeon. With the human population expanding and technological and logistical achievements occurring, Caviar became a highly sought out delicacy for people worldwide. During this period, nearly 90% of the consumption of wild sturgeon roe (Caviar) was coming from the Caspian Sea. Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan all border the Caspian sea. There was no regulation or control for conservation efforts in this area, and many of these countries became victims of shady practices. As Caviar's popularity grew in the late 20th Century and the wild Sturgeon population dwindling, many countries created the CITES organization. These countries came together and said, "we will not buy wild caviar," and started to put together social awareness campaigns for the end-users to help preserve this species and promote farmed sturgeons. This proved our father's point that he predicted. The inevitable aspect of declining numbers will eventually happen, and sturgeon farming would become a standard practice in Iran and the world. He was one of the pioneers of encouraging Iran's fishery departments to develop little Titlers (Baby Sturgeon) and release them into the Caspian sea, becoming the earliest country to adopt ethical practices and make a change to sustain the species.

The current result is that now more than 90% of Caviar consumption is farmed sustainably to help preserve this species, and with the help of years of knowledge and Caviar farming, farms have up'd their game. Caviar is becoming a staple for luxurious experiences with friends and family. A memento that represents a special moment to indulge in a special delicacy. Quality is always a strong focus with our ingredients and service. From our select Caviar farms to interacting with our clients, we always do it the right way. Let us be your home for the best Caviar!

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