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Caviar Dreams

Caviar Dreams

How does one start a caviar purveyor company, you may ask? For beginners, one would have to be a true lover, dreamer,  and a connoisseur. In today's competitive business environment, consumers face many different online caviar shops that differ significantly in price and quality.  Having to figure out if you’re having the right “caviar dream” is of importance, especially if it is your first time trying caviar. For many who have never tried caviar, it can be intimidating and may come with preconceived notions. But, based on our experience, eight in ten people who do a caviar tasting for the first time end up becoming true caviar dreamers for life (assuming it’s the right type of quality and grading). Therefore, it is essential to ascertain to have a trusted source, and here’s the how-to:

There is a famous hashtag on social media outlets "#caviardreams"; where the community of caviar lovers and enthusiasts come together to share their dreamy experience with genuine Sturgeon caviar. It's absolutely mesmerizing to see how caviar is used and consumed in so many different types of fine-dining dishes and settings to help create these enjoyable and memorable experiences.

Sustainably sourced caviar has opened the floodgates in today's culinary scene and fine-dining establishment where Michelin star chefs and fine-dining establishments incorporate and introduce the best taste and flavors of the seas to their dishes fueling the social media #caviardreams.

Sturgeon caviar not only gets the crown for the most exclusive roe there is, but claims the world's oldest luxurious delicacies dating back to as much as a thousand years. Due to its uniqueness, scarcity, and luxury nature, caviar is a great gift to both give and to receive (click here to see why)

This story is about our "caviar dream" that we are living today, and why we aspire to inspire others to make their caviar dreams a reality. 

Dorasti Caviar was started by two brothers and is a family-owned and operated company based in Los Angeles, California.  The brothers grew up watching their father lead Iran's most prominent seafood and caviar company to new heights in the late 1980s to mid-1990s. In 1995, the family emigrated to the United States, which by then, the brothers were at an age where they could help their father with his caviar and trading business.  

Growing up, the brothers were always used to seeing a 4.4 lbs. caviar in an original blue metal tin with a picture of a sturgeon on it in the fridge. Unless you're a fine-dining executive chef, are in the caviar business, or just a hardcore lover of sturgeon caviar it's almost impossible to see a caviar tin so grand in the fridge. 

Ossetra Caviar, Kaluga Hybrid Caviar, and Siberian Caviar big tins

Just as uncorking a bottle of champagne has its own "pop" and pleasure, opening an original caviar tin brings the same type of euphoric feeling. By the way, to open this heavily air sealed caviar tin is no match for young children as it requires the strength of a healthy adult for it to open. 

The two brothers and their younger sister would wrestle with each other for a good viewing position to watch their father open a new original tin of caviar. The first glance is always magical. The caviar sparkles, irrespective of their color, are perfectly arranged and can be separated or counted by the naked eye.

In anticipation, the young brothers would hear their father explain the type and origin of the caviar and then would use a mother-of-pearl spoon to scoop a "caviar bump" for each one of the children on their hands for a tasting. The caviar bump on the hand brings the purist tastes, texture, and aroma of the caviar. After the first bump, a generous portion of this caviar tin would be poured inside of a  beautiful caviar display holder, sitting on top of a bucket of ice, to keep the caviar fresh. The family would typically enjoy the caviar on a piece of toasted sourdough bread with a spread of butter and finally the delicious caviar on top. Breakfast and memories made in their greatest forms. 

Unknowingly, the two brothers were gradually learning the business as well as the customs and common etiquettes, tastes, and textures of different types of caviar served and taught to them by their father. Sturgeon caviar, as with many other types of foods, can look unappealing and taste strange to young children. Not for these two brothers and their younger sister. They had fallen in love with the taste but, most importantly, the memories and experiences built with and shared by their parents. Of course, by the end of the week, the entire caviar tin in the fridge was nearly empty because the boys' father loved introducing and sharing caviar with guests, neighbors, and even the boys' school teachers. 

By the time they were in their mid-teens, the brothers were able to distinguish the difference between the most popular sturgeon caviars such as Siberian Caviar, Ossetra Caviar, or Beluga Caviar by taste, color, texture, and grading. And so began their journey of turning their Caviar Dreams to reality.

To dream is to live, and to live is to be happy! Sharing caviar with friends, family, and loved ones is a unique, luxurious, and one that is memorable. Today, the “Caviar Brothers”  also known as the “Caviar Boys” and the rest of the Dorasti family and team are on a quest to raise the bars in the culinary and fine-dining industry by sourcing the highest in quality products and to help introduce sustainably sourced caviar to the caviar enthusiasts and dreamers across the United States and the globe.  

What is your caviar dream? We'd love to hear your caviar dream story!

Clients that submit their caviar stories and place an order will receive a surprise gift on us!


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